Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Adventure of an Interview

Interview are scary. Performing in shows I am no stranger to getting nervous but at my audition last Friday I was completely taken over by the nerves. It was crazy from the moment I woke up, I was anxious and just wanted to get it out of the way I’ve never been so worried. I guess it just proved how much I wanted the day to go well.

I had nothing to be nervous of, everyone was super lovely and I honestly wouldn’t have minded if everyone who was in my workshop was in my class next year. The workshop was defiantly my favourite bit. It felt so relaxed and I completely forgot that there was a woman in the corner assessing us. I’d never of thought that an interview could be fun! We were working together and doing exercises which I enjoyed so much I could have easily done another hour or so on them.

You know when you hope for something, but you just know that isn’t going to be the outcome? Well I had that when it was time to sit down and wait to be called on. I hoped and wished all day that I would be the first called so I could get it done, spend some time in Starbucks ( I discovered one close to the campus ) before catching an early train home. But no, I was LAST. So that meant 2 hours of waiting and going through the monologue in my head. I wasn’t sitting alone at least and made friends with one girl who might I say had the greatest hair. (I’m jealous of her hair alright). After what felt like forever it was finally time for me to be interviewed and looking back on it, what was I so scared of? I did my monologue, sat down for questions and it went absolutely fine! In the end I got my Starbucks and even got the train back with a friend who was travelling home from college. To make it even nicer, she received an unconditional offer! But I have a whole other post to write on unconditional offers…

Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year.New Goals.

Hello and happy new year! I hope you've had a wonderful festive period and a break from everyday life, I know I have, but holiday's don't last forever and it's time to kick into the swing of things once again.

It's been a couple weeks since my last appearance on here and I've received some exciting news!
I currently have TWO interviews planned out which I'm excited, but also pretty nervous for. I know what I need to do, I've just had trouble picking a monologue to prepare for one of the interviews and have only decided today that I'm going to go for a contemporary piece I've studied in Performing Arts and Literature over the past year and a bit so I have plenty of knowledge and opinions on the text which makes me feel more ready for it so it's not as horrifically terrifying.

Hopefully the interviews go well and fingers crossed I'll hear back from more Universities soon. Now that I'm back in school though, I've started thinking about e-mails again which, like any one else applying, becomes obsessed with ( there's a whole other post on that though). For now though, I need to stick to my main resolution for this year which is to get to uni, and get my head down and do some work. My teacher came around to us today and gave us the knowledge that it's only 14 school weeks until our exams..oh dear. But I've started the term off well and have already almost completed a unit of work, and I will make sure the motivation stays.