Thursday, 17 December 2015

E-mail Infatuation

I stayed true to my promise of getting my university application away before the week was up and I did just that on Tuesday!

If you imagine it being a dull,cloudy day, then all of a sudden the clouds part from the skies and a big ray of light shines down on you- this is how I describe the moment my teacher said I was ready to send my personal statement away. It felt like Christmas I was so excited to now relax and not worry about university for a while.

I was wrong.

Now that my application is away, I've been more anxious and nervous than ever and far from relaxed. I've been checking my e-mails several times the past couple days despite the fact I get notifications on my phone, but you know,just in case.

I know it's early days, it's barely been 48 hours but I can't help it. So far I have heard back from 3 universities saying they have my application which is very, very exciting but also nerve racking. It's a strange experience applying for your future.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Personal Hatement

So for the past 2 months I have been filling out UCAS which for those who don't know is the way us folks in the UK apply to universities.

It has been stressful.

My whole time in high school and year 12, I have heard chattering of older years complain, seen the angry and stressed tweets of those applying to university; and they all cry over the same thing-Personal Statements. This is the part of the application process where you have to write how fantastic you are and why you should go to uni. After hearing all these horror stories from older years, I was reluctant and a bit worried when it came to starting my own this September and I remember my first draft was complete rubbish. How was I suppose to write about myself and make me sound good? What had I even done which can account for the reasons I want to study Performance? Loads of questions ran through my mind when I was starting out, but the more drafts I got back with scribbles of notes all over them, the closer I felt to writing something good.

I've actually lost count the draft number I am on now (6?) but what I do know is that I'm nearing the end, as in, I aim to get this sent off by next Friday, which I am really striving towards. I can honestly say there has not been a single day go by where I don't think and worry over university and whether my application is good enough and if I will even get any offers ( after much reassurance I have came to the conclusion,yes, I will get offers). So to be so close to the end and letting the rest decide my fate, I can almost taste the less amount of stress I am going to have to carry around and I cannot wait.

The only problem I have left with my statement is the end. Why does this feel like the hardest part? I have drafted so many times on why I am right for this university and why they should choose me. The other day I looked at my final sentence for a solid hour trying to come up with a way to conclude before closing my laptop in a fit of anger and despair. I have since come up with what I believe is something better, I only hope my form teacher thinks the same when I give her my draft on Monday morning. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Getting to know me

My name is Kyla, an 18 year old who wants to document life,well University, but I'm not quite there yet so lets just say life in general for now.

When I was younger I had always dreamed of becoming a writer but as I grew older I came to the realization that my real passion was with performing and have been doing so for many,many years   (Also I'm not that good of a writer).

The reason I started this blog is so I can write about the experiences of applying for university and when I get in, fingers crossed, I want to share the experiences and memories I gather along the way. So I guess this is like a little diary for me to look back on, except it's public so you can look back on it too. I do keep personal diary's but I imagine this is going to be slightly,rather,quite a lot, different from that. I don't think my personal diary's are very interesting and are more for just my own sake, whereas this little blog could help people with university too. Who knows, maybe I'll still be writing on here 10 years after I graduate, or maybe this will last two weeks...