Thursday, 10 December 2015

Getting to know me

My name is Kyla, an 18 year old who wants to document life,well University, but I'm not quite there yet so lets just say life in general for now.

When I was younger I had always dreamed of becoming a writer but as I grew older I came to the realization that my real passion was with performing and have been doing so for many,many years   (Also I'm not that good of a writer).

The reason I started this blog is so I can write about the experiences of applying for university and when I get in, fingers crossed, I want to share the experiences and memories I gather along the way. So I guess this is like a little diary for me to look back on, except it's public so you can look back on it too. I do keep personal diary's but I imagine this is going to be slightly,rather,quite a lot, different from that. I don't think my personal diary's are very interesting and are more for just my own sake, whereas this little blog could help people with university too. Who knows, maybe I'll still be writing on here 10 years after I graduate, or maybe this will last two weeks...

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