Thursday, 17 December 2015

E-mail Infatuation

I stayed true to my promise of getting my university application away before the week was up and I did just that on Tuesday!

If you imagine it being a dull,cloudy day, then all of a sudden the clouds part from the skies and a big ray of light shines down on you- this is how I describe the moment my teacher said I was ready to send my personal statement away. It felt like Christmas I was so excited to now relax and not worry about university for a while.

I was wrong.

Now that my application is away, I've been more anxious and nervous than ever and far from relaxed. I've been checking my e-mails several times the past couple days despite the fact I get notifications on my phone, but you know,just in case.

I know it's early days, it's barely been 48 hours but I can't help it. So far I have heard back from 3 universities saying they have my application which is very, very exciting but also nerve racking. It's a strange experience applying for your future.

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