Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Weekend away

Ahh half term. The week where we all want to relax but instead we're sat at our desks constantly trying to catch up on school work. Yup that pretty much sums up how I'll be spending the rest of my week! However it is time I began working as for the past few days I've been away and enjoying myself in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. We didn't quite enjoy sunshine, but we are in Scotland in the middle of February so what more could we have expected than rain,snow and gloomy overcast but that didn't stop from our little adventures around the city.

Weekends away are so lovely and I really wish I had the opportunity to them more because we crammed in so much! Friday I saw Fatherson play live at one of the best gigs ever. The atmosphere was incredible and  the smile on the band members faces were so heartwarming to know they were enjoying it just as much as us.

Saturday involved a lot of walking around. We visited The Elephant House which if you don't know, was where J.K.Rowling wrote some of Harry Potter so I managed to snap my own picture of the famous graffiti in the toilets which was so cool to look at in person.We also spent a couple of hours in one of the museums. I love that Scotland allows free access to their museums because it's not something I get to do a lot living in a rural area, but when I get the chance to, museums are one of my favorite places to visit. Of course I squeezed in some time to do shopping, you can't go to a capital city and buy nothing! Camera Obscura also found it's way into the day which was really interesting and it's where I was when I took that beautiful shot of the city itself. What better way to end off the day than to go and see a film. It wasn't just any film though, it was Deadpool. If you've seen it already you'll understand the hype of it but if you haven't, I promise you you will be laughing at every moment its one of the best films I've seen in a long time. 10/10 would recommend!

Sunday was probably my favorite day of the lot because we went to the zoo! My favorite part has always, and always will be the penguins because I just think they're great. I adore watching them swim underwater they look so graceful. The monkeys were another favorite they practically fly about and they make it look so easy ( also like something from a spy movie with the way they slide down ropes).  It was a lovely day which transitioned into a lovely evening where we went out for an Italian. This was just my 2nd time going to this restaurant but I decided to try out one of the desserts and oh. my. gosh. I want to go again just for the desserts. That's all I'm saying before my mouth starts to water.

Sadly all good things must come to an end at some point and Monday morning saw us packing up and heading home. It felt so good to just been away some were different for a few days and I definatly makes me want to travel more places in the future, maybe even abroad sometimes! Here's hoping I do.

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