Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January Favorites

It's the start of a new month and one thing I would like to do on this blog is have a post to look back on some things I've been enjoying over January! I've even split everything into little categories for you because I'm super excited to get this started. So with out further ado, here's my most liked things from the first month of 2016!


5 Year Diary
Before the year began, I ordered this little fella so I could record my life for the next 5 years. Being someone who has kept a diary since I was 14, this is a product I have wanted for a long time. I have never recorded every day of my life, probably cause my other diaries go into a lot of detail, but I've found this one really easy to keep up with because it's just a couple of lines a day. I love writing down my sentence at the end of the day and with the way it is laid out, I'll be able to see what I did on the same day over the years! So it's basically a Timehop hard copy.

A Song of Ice and Fire Series
This month I read one book and that book was the third installment (part 2) of the Game of Thrones Series. I've been reading this series a while and have been enjoying it so much. It's odd how used to I am with all the character deaths because there are so many I can barely keep up. With each book being so massive though, I tend to take a break between books so I might not read the other for a while. This doesn't mean I enjoyed it any less though. I think the third book has most defiantly been my favorite so far as so much is going on with all the characters and so much death and drama! Don't be surprised if the next book in the series appears in another monthly favorite.


Pink Friday | Nicki Minaj
LOOK. AT. THIS. BOTTLE. I cannot get over how in love I am with the design of this perfume bottle it's the best looking one I have. Oh, and it smells good too - obviously. I'm really bad at describing smells. It's not too strong and I've worn it to 6th form, and when I've been out day and night I can't get enough. It's one of them smells you can wear for any occasion. Also it looks super pretty on my shelf.

Pink Champagne Clutch | NEXT
I recently set it upon myself to expand my 'going out' clutch collection and this is the latest purchase towards that. I don't have a big collection but it is definitely my favorite so far. I think it's the sparkles. It's so eye-catching when wearing a more plain outfit and for someone who has way to many black dresses, it goes perfectly with them all. A few weeks ago I even put aside a new pair of shoes because they don't go with the bag, and I wanted to use the bag more.

Heart Necklace | Pears for Girls
Forever and always have I wanted a piece of jewelry I can wear all the time, and after a dearly beloved got me this necklace I've been doing just that. I've just became accustomed to wearing it with just about everything. The only times I don't wear it is when I'm showering, sleeping and occasionally when I'm partying (It depends on the outfit you see). Hands down one of my favorite gifts ever.


Why haven't I watched this film until now!?!? I get emotionally invested into films a lot, but this one has me tearing up and I felt such a sense of sadness for quite a while after the film ended. If you have not seen it yet- go do it! It's set in what I believe to be a very realistic future and the colours and overall look of the production is beautiful. Good job Spike Jonze.

Mr Robot
This show. THIS SHOW. I never thought a show about hacking would have me so hooked! It's thrilling and brilliantly done and the characters are crazy and delusional but fantastic. Don't even get me started on the plot twists. I don't know how I can wait for series 2.


Sound & colour- Alabama Shakes
This favorite is a sort of follow on from Mr Robot as this song is played in the final episode. It been on repeat a lot. It also feels way too short so I feel like I've been listening to it way to much. It's addictive though.

Heroes- David Bowie
This month we sadly lost one of the greatest musicians. While I have been listening to all of his music an incredible amount lately, I didn't want to make this list super long with all my favorite songs by Bowie so I picked out Heroes. A song I can listen to repeatedly and not feel tired of.

Quite a big list of things I've been liking this month! I look forward to what February brings and what favorites it gives me!

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